Olly Suzi Expeditions

“Imagine witnessing polar bears up close, in the Arctic, on foot. Free-diving with humpback whales on a private island in the Pacific. Or photographing the Big Five deep in the heart of the African bush living in your own luxury mobile-tented camp.

The pinch-yourself, can-hardly-believe-it’s-happening experiences that Olly Suzi Expeditions (OSE) provide are truly, wildly thrilling. This pair of artists has notched up 60 trips over the last 25 years, tracking and painting endangered predators all over the planet, from the desert to the jungle. Along the way they’ve made friends with legendary guides, polar explorers, survival experts and conservationists – all of whom they can hook you up with in a nanosecond. You simply tell them what you’d like and then step-by- step, they’ll build your privately guided, dream expedition with you. Easy as that. Then, you’ll be off, seeing African wild-dog breeding (beyond rare) or black rhino conservation in action, in search of elusive Bengal tigers (on elephant back too!) or traveling by traditional dog-team through frozen Arctic forests… We could go on, but we’re getting itchy feet just writing about all the animal magic these two can conjure up.”

Daisy Finer, Conde Nast Traveller Magazine, 2013.


OSE is a wilderness travel consultancy. Born out of Olly and Suzi's ‘ground-truth’ gleaned on over 30 years of Wilderness expeditions spent tracking polar bears, brown bears and wolves on foot in the high Arctic, climbing expeditions on Denali, Mount Cook and Mount Kenya, multiple Arctic dogsled expeditions in Swedish Lapland, scuba-diving expeditions from the Galapagos to diving under the ice with leopard seals in Antarctica, months spent in the jungles of Nepal tracking tigers and years spent observing and interacting with the wild dogs of Mkomazi in Tanzania.

To achieve each wilderness mission Olly and Suzi have invested heavily in the most essential ingredient of a successful expedition - expert local knowledge. They have personally sought out the services of elite trackers, wilderness guides, legendary conservationists and award-winning wildlife cameramen who have inturn become close personal friends and trusted expedition partners.

Olly, who co-guides on specific expetitions qualified as a Combat Medic in the British Army Reserve Forces and passed BATLS. He has trained to an advanced level in tactical tracking & survival and holds in-date qualifications in professional scuba diving instruction (PADI -OWSI 83013), Medicine In Remote Areas (MIRA) & Tactical Combat Casualty Care (TCCC). With over 1000 dives, Olly has global professional diving experience and has undergone training in emergency diving injury/O2 management and hyperbaric treatment protocols.

Olly has a comprehensive knowledge of extreme environment equipment procurement & survival kit selection and experience of safetly guiding clients in dangerous game regions as well as a solid understanding of remote-region operational logistics and emergency communications including; VHF, HF and Satellite.

You can rest assured they have done our homework. By working with and learning from an array of experts on over 80 art-making expeditions Olly and Suzi have become adept at identifying true wilderness expertise.

If you are interested in talking to Olly and discussing your own family wilderness adventure, Arctic expedition or camping safari, please contact Olly on the details below.

"It's only recently that I've done anything really intrepid. When I do go I go with serious teams such as Olly Suzi expeditions."

Tom Hardy, Actor, after his trip to Afghanistan with Olly and his specialist ex-military team. The Telegraph Ultratravel Magazine, Spring 2013