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Olly & Suzi

Olly & Suzi - Artist's statement

Paris Photo 11th - 14th November 2004. Olly & Suzi exhibit with Eric Franck.

Alice Neel auction - Robert Miller Gallery, NYC.

fonetography An exhibition at London's AOP gallery sponsored by Nokia from the 16th of November.

New Elements Olly & Suzi's newest work.

Open Water Olly & Suzi's shark instalation.

Esquire magazine - Fin Art - March 2004

www.criminalanimal.org are showing Olly & Suzi's latest collaboration.

National Geographic, have a new article on Olly & Suzi.

The Times - Wild at art by Rose Shephard - 24th May 2003

www.briggsrobinson.com is Olly & Suzi's New York gallery.

Arctic, Desert, Ocean, Jungle is Olly & Suzi's new book.
Amazon.com are selling the book.

For more information on the artists and their work please contact lisa@ollysuzi.com