Free dive with Humpback whales in the kingdom of Tonga


Each year, as sea temperatures around the Antarctic drop, one of the world’s greatest migrations begin as humpback whales travel approximately 6,000km to give birth in the warm waters around the Kingdom of Tonga.

The Kingdom of Tonga is comprised of a stunning collection of idyllic desert atolls and islands and is  the seasonal aquatic home to migratory humpback whales and their young calves.
Spend an amazing week or two on remote tropical island: the focus here is to be out on the ocean in search of humpback whales: once located your expert free-dive guide will lead you to snorkel  and free dive close to these gentle giants and their young calves.
This is a world class wildlife experience!  On this tiny pristine desert island you sleep in breezy wooden fales, dine in a lovely beach resteraunt and enjoy sundowners at the bar…when not in search of whales: explore secret cave systems, go for a scuba dive, spend relaxed afternoons walking in the verdant jungle , snorkel the pristine coral reef or simply kick back and relax with a good novel in a hammock slug between two palms.. Island life here is extremely relaxing and allows you to reconnect to a slower pace of life to the sound of the sea lapping on the white sand.

This is the perfect simple island getaway for the whole family. Pick up the phone or drop us an email if you would like to learn more.

Free dive with Humpback whales in the kingdom of Tonga

Free dive with Humpback whales in the kingdom of Tonga

Location: Kingdom of Tonga

Wildlife: Free dive with Humpback whales

Best time to visit: July to October

From £3500 per person