Meet the eagle hunters of Mongolia’s high Altai

Explore the stunning wilderness of western Mongolia, traverse this roadless steppe in 4×4, ride in the foothills of the snow capped Altai mountains on horse back, discover ancient artefacts, stone monuments and rock piles untouched since the days of Ghengis Kahn, meet shaman, learn about throat music and Live with a family of Nomadic Eagle hunters in their traditional felt Ger.

These are but a few of the extraordinary elements that comprise a private guided adventure into western Mongolia.

The nomadic eagle hunters have a complex relationship with the golden eagle: one of profound respect, reliance and love. Living with the eagle hunters reminds us of our primal connection to nature and the importance of understanding the ancient relationship between man and beast. Our partner team is based in the remote enclave of Bayan Olgii and so all our information is totally up to date with regards weather and seasonal timeframes, wildlife locations  and the movements of nomadic tribal culture.

If this image kindles your wild side, it would be a joy to talk further and help create something extraordinary for you and your family in western Mongolia.

Meet the eagle hunters of Mongolia’s high Altai

Meet the eagle hunters of Mongolia’s high Altai

Location: Altai region - western Mongolia

Wildlife: Golden eagles, wolf, fox, ibex, camel and bear

Best time to visit: September- may