Dark bull

Our meditation on the first bull elephant we ever met in 1995;



                                 By Olly Williams  


One morning, we came

upon fresh elephant spoor

in the gritty sand.

It emanated.

Adjacent in the ochre

soil, sign betrayed

primordial tracks

I struggled to encircle

with my arms. Finely

etched, hot we followed,

dimensions raised into light.

Meandering we

marched along the brown

Ewaso Ng’iro did in,

silent thorn, spy bass


with our ears. Our camel train

not one Bunduki,

or Safari car

in support. On blistered shanks

we trod, brutal mile

on mile- endowed of

Samburu skill. Yet, tracking

as grey Acacia

shadow browsed, then melted,

made all the sense in the world.

We felt no fear, just

profound awareness

and helpings of awe. Instead,

of cigar sized six

hundred, I plucked a

single graphite stub. As we

bowed to draw, to my


mind; Karamoja and Bror

might to African

skies have raised their eyes.

But this bull understood

our intention.

Dark bull

Dark bull


Size: 5x4 ft.

Aquarelle , ink and oil stick on 400 g paper