Hudson Bay Boar

This painting was first started on the freezing shores on Hudson Bay in Sub Arctic Canada  in fall of 1996- our first ever polar bear tracking trip.
Originally  conceived  as a landscape work,  we were amazed by the natural formation of ice crystals on the rough hew of our water colour paper. 

25 years later we revisited this painting and felt it needed to convey the passing of a mighty predator… a bear we have spent a lifetime observing in the high Arctic.
Imbued with both tundra and the evidence of that harsh climate,  this is the finished result.

We get there in the end. Some may say glacially… but we do get there…



Hudson Bay Boar

Hudson Bay Boar

Hudson Bay & London

Size: 5x4ft

Acrylic, aquarelle, ink and Arctic ice crystals on 400gsm acid free paper