Last Mkomazi wilddog

This is our last Mkomazi Wilddog.

Made on our last ever trip in december 2019. Two months later lucy and tony fitzjohn- our dearest friends and their family left their beloved home deep in the national park for ever.

Fitz and lucy had , with a loyal skeletal tanzanian team in 30 hard years help transform Mkomazi from an arid hunting block into a jewel of a tanzanian National park.

For 25 years Suzi and I worked with fitzy and lucy and their groundbreaking african wilddog breeding and release programme. Today wilddogs raised under their care and that of the amazing Sangito, their loyal keeper, roam and hunt the vast Mkomazi / Tsavo eco system.

In may 2022 our dear mate and mentor  – Tony  Fitzjohn  OBE tragically died of a brain tumor. His legacy lives on both in mkomazi and kora national parks and in the spirit of his son and three daughters and his wonderful wife lucy.

‘Oh Mkomazi  wilddog… we will miss you each and every day’

from poem of same title by Olly williams.

Last Mkomazi wilddog

Last Mkomazi wilddog

Mkomazi , Tanzania.

Size: 5x4 ft

Chinese ink and acrylic and aquarelle on 400 gsm paper