We began this painting in 2007, tracking a large polar bear boar on Snow-machine across the frozen ice pack of Mohn Fjord on coastal Svalbard.

Sometimes the planets align, our collaborative marks on paper articulating the spontaneous movement of our quarry. Sometimes they do not….

This unfinished painting sat in our studio plans chest for drawer for almost 15 years.

In October 2022 we decided to re work the original which included the polar bears resting outline, frozen ice crystals and signature red acrylic.

A week later this is the result: we feel this work conveys some of the energy and spontaneity of our wild encounter and titled it – 
Nanook, a hybrid painting- born of both the hostile high Arctic wilderness and our studio in London. 



Svalbard & London £15,000

Size: 5x4 ft

Acrylic, aquarelle , graphite and ice Crystal on 400gsm acid free paper.