Neon anemone

Photographed in bright daylight, glowing on the pristine reef in about eight metres of water in misool, west Papua. A jewel of nature.

Mustique Turtle

                         Mustique Turtle                          by Olly Williams     We finned, expectantly across the milky blue, between fishing boats, barnacled buoys and twisted lines of past demise And there, in this gentle bay, just feet below, not one but ten, horned angels flew, foraging […]

Wolf kill

’There, shifting in the shadows of the tree line, we caught a glimpse of a jet-black timber wolf. It stood protected by the phalanx of spruce and looked straight at us. I studied its beautiful head through my binoculars: the long-pointed muzzle, the wide hoary ruff, its golden eyes and the flicker of intense recognition, […]

Two Hudson Bay Bears

Our first two polar bears: observed out on the back of a tundra buggy on the wind swept shores of Hudson Bay in the fall of 1996. After over twenty-five years of making our art in Arctic regions it is our first interactions with polar bears that remains the most indelible in our minds: the […]

Good morning

Always pays to check the old  side window before setting off on foot in polar bear territory. This adolescent polar bear surprised us early one morning just as we headed off on a walk into the tundra of Hudson Bay. As to the rifle… as a Alaskan  local wryly noted:  “ it is better than […]

What passes beneath

The shark slipped beneath us. Silent, grey imposing. A torpedo of menace and elegance. We were captivated. What a beautiful sight; A White shark cruising.


Shot in Sipadan, Borneo – diving off the extraordinary 2000m drop off on Nikonos 5 – a signed limited edition print is now available

Ottofjord landscape interaction

  ‘Competent art made in a place should be shown in that place’ Donald Judd We we’re inspired by that quote, determined to make our art in ‘place’. Our mission was to simply attempt to capture a wild trace, a moment to convey a sense of the awesomeness of the fragile habitats we found our […]

Dog Alone

We had been in camp in Mkomazi for a few days when Fitz and Lucy invited us to drive out to the release Boma  on the Tsavo border and help with the translocation of a small unit of wild dogs. We had painted this extraordinary pack canid for many years but this was our first time […]

WildDog looking up

We crouched, Sangito standing tall and calm and watchful behind us , a haunch of kudu in one hand and a rusted panga in the other. Then from its den, scrapped deep in the centre of the Boma, the wilddog approached. It slipped towards us, lithe, wary and perfect In just about every way.  Interacting […]

Primal forest

We had come to this ancient Canadian primal rain forest of 2000 year old hemlock and spruce in search of grizzly bears. To venture into this extraordinary maze of mulching deadfall and olive light was to enter a temperate olive world of moss, rotting undergrowth and rich spongy soil,  a place where dusk came by […]

Wilddog walking left

Wild dogs move like quick silver, giving only a fleeting glimpse of time in which to create an image’ Lucy Fitzjohn, Kasima Camp, Mkomazi National Park, Tanzania.  

Blue water

In the crystal clear waters off Guadeloupe Island we were able to dive and capture extreme detail as the white sharks moved around our cages in the blue. On this white shark trip we wanted to capture detail of the sharks form. The head, powerful tail and pectoral. We had managed to locate and rent […]


Portrait painting Namibian style. Our thanks to @africat_foundation #lion. A signed limited edition photographic print is available


We tracked this adolescent brown bear in the sedge. He seemed unperturbed by our proximity. After watching us intently he once again went about his foraging and we had a snooze in the grass close by.

Pit bear

This was our first sight of a captive brown bear. It paced its concrete piss stained enclosure, its spirit somehow depleted, traumatised by the monotony of its existence. Later this bear was translocated to a few acres of pine forest, a sanctuary from people a place with shade and shelter , a lake in which […]

Tembo interaction

We wanted to capture a trace of the venerable Mr Tembo Upon our painting, capture the fine subtle lines ingrained on the underside his rounded foot steps like a finger print in the ruddy ochre dust of Mkomazi. We wanted to record evidence of this little elephants passing upon the earth.

You Looking At Me?

You looking at me? This photograph was made by Suzi with her trusty Leica m6 and it’s old 35 Mm Len’s: face to face with this magnificent canid on her belly in the grit and ochre dust of the wilddog breeding Boma’s deep inside Mkomazi National Park in Tanzania. For the past 25 years Suze […]

Polar Bear Looking Up

‘Suzi and I pulled out our sketch book and made a graphite line drawing as a huge male polar bear ambled, stiff legged, towards the huge tyres and craned up at us. He was so close we could smell his meaty, steaming breath. I took a black and white photo at point-blank range as the […]

Tony & Jipe

We had known Tony for many years but this was the first time we had witnessed him interacting in the bush with an adult lion. Jipe had been orphaned as a cub and they had found each other and once again the ‘lion man’ of legend, a man we had come to know, a mentor […]


I took this photo in the ambient midday light that seeped through the canvas fabric ger’s roof on my 35mm Leica 6.2 with Kodak 160 asa film.   We had been living with the eagle hunter and his family in their ger for ten days. We were fascinated by the relationship between man and eagle- […]